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Updated: February 11, 2024
📍: Mexico City


I tutor students on a software called Descript and I also have a course. Both services are geared toward people 55+ (but, I've had students from 20 up to 80) who want to start creating video content. It's rewarding to see my students start podcasts and Youtube channels. I'm really enjoying it.


I'm learning Spanish. It’s a high priority for me and I’m working to acquire a B2 level by mid-year.


My last clients have closed on businesses and I no longer offer buy-side advisory services. While I enjoyed aspects of it, it wasn't something I saw myself doing for life so I cut that path short.If you're interested, I took the educational portion of my buy-side advisory and turned it into this course: 21-Day Mini-MBA


I've been creating the With Ross podcast since 2019. I've recorded 130 episodes so far and it remains one of my favorite hobbies.


Favorite Book from the past month: The Anthology of Balaji [Eric Jorgensen]
Current Favorite Podcast: My First Million
Favorite Movie from the past month: Lucy

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